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The fedora hat dates back to 1882.  Sarah Bernhardt wore it for her part of Princess Fedora Romanoff in the play “Fedora” by the French author Victorien Sardou. It became a popular fashion piece for women immediately especially amongst women’s rights activists. Although it went in and out of the fashion industry throughout history, fedora was and will be one of the most stylish hats ever.

Fedora is a hat made out of felt with a wide brim, an indented and pitched crown and a ribbon. It is can be produced in any color. But black, gray, dark brown, and tan are the ones in highest demand.



For the past few months, I have been on the quest of finding the perfect fit fedora hat. I am very particular about the pieces I choose. Therefore, I have had a challenging experience but I have finally found the one that compliments me the most. When buying this timeless piece one must consider the color, material, and fit. I plan to incorporate a few fedoras into my wardrobe but I am happy to share my first piece with all of you.


Wearing: Forever 21 Fringed Wool Fedora, Shirt Dress  (Similar Style)