Hi! My name is Madelin, welcome to Muse of Style. I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger living in the beautiful city of Miami.

I discovered my love for fashion at a young age. I remember wearing my mother’s high heels,  dressing up in her favorite garments, and pretending I was a grown up. My fashion curiosity got me into trouble as I would explore my older sister’s wardrobe in hopes of finding something that would fit.

Not much has changed, I still wear high heels (the higher the better as I’m only 5’1), I get in trouble for confiscating vintage pieces from my mother, and give style tips to revamp my sister’s wardrobe.

I created this blog as a creative outlet to document all the things that I’m passionate about plus to build a pathway for my future goals and dreams. I’ll be bringing you posts on my personal style, favorite designers, inspiration muses, fashion and beauty tips, plus a little bit of my travel adventures and philanthropy work.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy this journey as much as I do.

With Love,


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