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I can’t believe that the summer has pretty much, come and gone. Is it really Back-to-School time?!! I’m sure you all want to look stylish but don’t want to break the back doing so. And, I have the solution for you. Well, at least the solution for your footwear; Back-to-School with TARGET!

I have gathered a list of all my favorite shoe styles for this transition between summer and fall. The list it’s quite extensive as you all know I have a thing for shoes. I incorporated as many popular styles but I do want to give you the heads up as there is still a lot of other styles that I didn’t get a chance to upload. So, make sure to look at all the pages to find your favorite ones.

Let me know if you like these styles and which ones you end up getting. Also, share pictures of you wearing them as I love seeing what my readers like. Happy Shopping and of course Happy Savings!

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