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Today, I would like to share a personal event with you all …. my boho birthday bash – 2016.  As many of you know, I live in the beautiful city of Miami so I decided to go with a pool party to take advantage of the beautiful weather.I was not thinking of having a theme for it but my friend insisted
it was a MUST and I am so happy I listened. We had a few ideas in mind but Boho-Coachella was the one that stood out the most to me. I love the West Coast so I wanted to bring their vibes to Miami.

I have never planned a party for my birthday before ( I know, I know it’s crazy but that is the truth.) Normally, I go out of town, rent at the beach, do brunch, dinner, you name it, but never a party, therefore, I was on a mission to make this party an epic one. I went onto PINTEREST to get ideas, from the food menu to the decor. I tell you, what would we do without it!


The details ….

So, where should I begin? Of course, my outfit. I’m wearing a one piece from Montce Swim. For those of you who are new to my blog, I sell this brand on my site. I paired it with a white lace cover up, a floral headband, and brown sandals. I wanted to add a little spunk to my hair so I added lavender Hotheads extensions to finish the look.


Now, let’s move to the top hit of the party … the floats. A successful boho birthday bash in 2016 can not go without some on these amazing floats. I must tell you, my friends and I had a blast taking pictures with them, jumping on them and just lounging around. My hubby got them from Amazon. They have a large selection. We opted for the white swan and flamingo as they suited the color scheme the best.


boho birthday bash floats

Last but certainly not least, let’t discuss the decor . We got these mason jars from the dollar store, purchased string and used some left over feathers to decorate them. We purchased fabric from Hobby Lobby to adorn the tables and lounge chairs. This store has an endless amount of cute items so beware. Trust me, you’ll end up falling in love with everything … lol. We got frames that went with the theme, flowers to decorate tables and every little thing you could think of that is needed to finalize the look of the party.


I must say that this was an amazing Boho Birthday Bash. I enjoyed the company of all my friends and was in love with the theme. We danced the night away while the DJ played our favorite music until 2 am. The only downfall was that I couldn’t make the party last forever but there is always next year or maybe we’ll need to do Coachella part II before the end of the summer.