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My inspiration for this ensemble was an article by Liana Satenstein on Vogue magazine titled “Can Wearing Bright Colors Improve Your Mood”. The author contacted Constante Hart, a color therapy expert, to give her insight on how her wardrobe may have been shaping her mental health.


“If you aren’t feeling centered or secure, black can feel like a security blanket. For that reason, we see a lot of black in cities. In my work I try to help people move away from black because in some cases it can have a depressive quality to it,” says Hart. “Color has an effect on our psyche, it’s always affecting us whether we are aware of it or not.” He continues to state how each color can affect your mood. I made some observations in my wardrobe and realized that I naturally gravitate towards bright colors yet I truly love the elegance and classiness of neutrals colors such as black and white.

In my experience, I’ve found that dressing in certain colors have shifted my mood. Red is a color that I don’t tend to wear often but I wear it if I’m looking to make a bold statement. Purple brings me a unique feel of tranquility. Blue is one of my favorite colors therefore, it always brings a smile to my face. Green, Oh green, how I love thee? There is something so special to me about this color. For some reason, it causes me to fantasize about the old ages. White, gray, and black are my go to colors when I want to bring out the Chanel in me or when I’m feeling like royalty. I’m sure I’ve left some out but those are the colors that come to mind at this moment.

brightColors (1)Now moving to how to wear them. One great way to show off a bold choice in color is to pair it with neutrals, such as shades of blush, tan, ivory, white or gray. So, if you have decided to wear a bright top to a day time occasion like I did, pair it with a breezy light-colored kimono, dark color shorts, and sandals to create a harmonized look.

Hart states that the color pink/blush is the “color of love and kindness.” Yellow is a ‘joy ray,’ a vibration of being happy and joyful, and stimulates mental clarity, giving you the ‘I can do anything attitude.” I found his color interpretation very appropriate for this look as I had never done a photo shoot before.