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I don’t know about you but I am ready for the weekend. I know, I know, it’s only Monday but I must admit I am already planning what to do this coming weekend. Sundays are all about brunch so today I’ll be sharing with you my experience at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar. This little gem is located in South Beach, about a block or two from the Lincoln Road shops. I looked at their website to get an idea of their background and was thrilled to see that they offer farm- fresh ingredients with a classic Southern cooking, culture, and hospitality.

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar

I’m ready for some southern comfort vibes!

Now where to begin, the food of course! I ordered the egg Benedict, it was the best one I have ever had, and when I say that, I mean the best one I have had in my entire life. For the most part, every time I go to brunch I order the egg Benedict so you can say I have had a great share of them throughout my life and this one was by far the one that takes the prize. For dessert, I ordered the cinnamon apple hand pies with homemade vanilla bean ice cream and all I can say is that I wanted more and more.
Egg Benedict

Now moving to the drinks, I opted to skip the typical mimosas and ordered their best seller; blackberry bourbon lemonade. I am not a bourbon drinker so I was a little hesitant to order. But, when in Rome do as the Roman do. Therefore, I ordered Bourbon like a true Southerner would!

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade
Overall, my experience at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar was an amazing one. I loved the Southern vibe, the food, the drinks and of course the company of some of my closest friends. I highly recommend so make sure to stop by there soon .

p.s. The maple glazed bacon doughnut is a MUST!!! I had a piece of the one my friend ordered and it was exquisite!